Information on the Fertiliser Database

Spreader model

All Spreader models displayed are currently supported. The ZA-M includes all M-Types.
You can also use this database to select the ideal spreader for your situation. Try out various fertilisers with one spreader at your preferred spreading width. The system will notify you if that spreader has reached its limit. Please note that some fertilisers will require a different spreading disc.

Working Widths

Choose the working width in correspondence with your tramline system. Please note that your chosen spreader might not be able to spread every fertiliser up to its maximum working width.

Fertiliser Spread Rates

Here, you can choose your preferred spread rate. The system will display different rate settings, which might differ slightly from your chosen rate. The database calculates the best possible (whole number) setting. Should this difference be too great for lower spread rates (for example slug pellets), you can also select intermediate rate settings on the spreader. Please note in your calculations that there is a potential non-linear relation for settings in between whole numbers.
The spread rate is dependent on forward speed, the type of spreader used and the characteristics of the fertiliser. For example, if you would like to spread a high quantity with high forward speed, it might be that there will be no shutter settings displayed. In such a case, change the information you have put in to a more realistic value. Please note to stay within the nominal speed of the PTO shaft.

Forward Speed

Please input the speed at which the tractor travels in a sensible operating gear and a the nominal PTO speed for the spreader. You can put in any value, high or low. Please note the technical limitations of the tractor as well as the spreader. Use a point, not a comma to put in decimal figures, for example 8.3 km/h.

Fertiliser Markets

If you tick / untick the boxes next to the country names you can specify the results to only display fertilisers available from those specific countries. In the default setting all countries will be ticked. Please stick to these unless your search results in too many fertilisers being displayed.

Fertiliser Types

Choose the fertiliser category according to the fertiliser you wish to use.