• 50 years of AMAZONE seed drill combinations
    50 YEARS OF
  • Germany
    Investing in a seed drill combination
    every 8 years
    "I am very satisfied with the machine",
    this is the judgement of Johannes
    Wallmeyer Jun. from the Westphalian town of Hamm.
  • Germany
    An advocate of
    active-driven seed drill combinations
    "Because with a rotary cultivator and a
    wedge ring roller they can be very flexibly utilised"
  • Great Britain
    AMAZONE seed drill combinations
    on a family-owned farm in North Yorkshire
    It was in the late 1980s that the
    first drill combination was used on Gritts Farm,
    home to Tim and Ann Vasey near Weaverthorpe, Malton.
  • Austria
    Now on the fourth
    AMAZONE seed drill combination
    Dipl. Eng. Christian Gepl from Schollach, Lower Austria invested in
    2015 in a new 3 m AD-P Special seed drill combination.
  • France
    Jean-Claude Besnard praises
    the operation of his AD-P Special
    In the French Droue-sur-Drouette,
    farmer Jean-Claude Besnard grows winter wheat,
    winter barley, rape and peas across an area of 171 ha.
  • Poland
    The best price performance ratio
    of all seed drill combinations
    Farmer Slawomir Jezierski from Poland also reports
    on his good experiences with his AMAZONE seed drill combination.
  • Belgium
    Equally well suited to
    mulch and conventional sowing
    "ADF Delestrain et Fils" is the name of the company of
    the brothers Sebastien and Gaëtan Delestrain.

50 years of AMAZONE seed drill combinations

A brief look into the 50-year history of the active seed drill combinations from AMAZONE

The story begins in 1966 as an AMAZONE development: the combining of a reciprocating harrow together with a D4 seed drill, with this radical approach bringing about a huge step forward in practice now soil tillage and sowing could be carried out together in just one pass.

Seven farmers from across Germany and Austria, plus four other European countries, report on their actual practical drilling experiences in the field. They explain why they have invested in an AMAZONE drill combination and look at the detail behind the excellent results that have been achieved with them to date.

The development of the active seed drill combination

When, in 1966, AMAZONE initially developed the seed drill combination it turned out to be the beginning of a huge success story.

50 years of active seed drill combinations

In principle nothing has changed regarding the significance of the active seed drill combination system.

Sowing technology for large area operation

The perfect solution for drilling across bigger farms can also be found within the AMAZONE product portfolio.


Customer feedback

Farmers from across the whole world are extremely satisfied with AMAZONE drill combinations.

Seven farmers from across Europe explain why they have invested in an Amazone drill combination and report back on the good results that they have enjoyed from them.

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